Trump Trans Policy Lines Up Perfectly with Americans’ Belief, Says Poll

American’s liberal minority were up in arms this morning as the President announced a massive shift in military policy.

In a series of tweets aimed at irking the mainstream media by “scooping” even them, Donald Trump announced this morning that the transgender troop policy installed by former President Barack Obama would be reversed, effectively banning transgender soldiers from serving in the U.S. military.  Of course, this set off a firestorm of anger from the liberal left, who were hypnotized by Obama’s lame-duck obsession with the rights of transgendered Americans during his last few months in office.

In predictable fashion, celebrities looking for a quick, dirty headline lashed out against the President, once again insinuating that Trump was some sort of hateful bigot for following the advice of American military leaders who proposed the change after a lengthy investigation.  Worse still, the uncouth backlash being disseminated online is the antithesis of what We The People believe as well, as a new poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly believe that Trump’s decision was the correct one.

“A recent Rasmussen study found that just 23 percent of respondents agreed that allowing for openly transgender individuals to serve in the armed forces is ‘good for the military.’ And 31 percent said it was bad for the military, while 38 percent remained undecided.

“An Obama-era transgender inclusion policy was set to go into effect at the end of July, but it was delayed in late June by Defense Secretary James Mattis. At the time, Mattis announced that the Pentagon would study how transgender enlistment would affect the ‘readiness or lethality’ of the military.

“Chelsea Manning, the disgraced former Army private and transgender activist, has weighed in on the Trump decision. Manning, who betrayed the country by stealing top secret information and releasing it on the open internet, ranted about transgender funding in the military [on Twitter]:”



The inability of liberal America to understand the issue and the decision is absolutely astounding.  While the President is certainly not announcing the decision of his seasoned military commanders out of spite or malice for these transgendered Americans, the left refuses to allow any possibility other than discrimination.

In reality, we are seeing a reversal of a potentially distracting policy hastily installed by a lame-duck President with a sudden need to find votes for his failing heir.  During the 2016 election season, Obama worked overtime to brand the democrats as the party of the trans community, hoping to snatch up votes for the ailing Hillary Clinton.  There was no righteous motive behind these decision by the former President; it was merely a scheme in which Obama could exploit the transgender community for their votes.

Transgendered Americans were simply played by Obama – a reality that few in the LGBTQ community are willing to admit to.

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