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Trump Tower Protest Highlights the Left’s Hate and Intolerance

As we delve further into the aftermath of the Charlottesville Weekend War, our nation is being forced to come to grips with some of the darker recesses of humanity.

In Charlottesville, an egregious act of violence occurred as white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and other racial hate organizations gathered.  Three people lost their lives in the senseless kerfuffle, including two police officers who were involved in a helicopter crash that was covering the riotous cabal.

On social media, Americans turned to denouncing bigotry and hatred with increasingly strong language, hoping to blanket the national media with a fair warning to other such groups who may be looking to reenact the Charlottesville nonsense elsewhere.

The radical left, however, decided that a better use of their voice was to surround Trump Tower in New York City in order to greet the President as he arrived for a brief stay.  During their demonstration, it became extremely apparent that these angry and militant liberals were decidedly not interested in denouncing the hatred that has gripped our nation.  Rather, they chose to embrace the horrific attitude of those Charlottesville extremists and aim that hatred directly at the Commander in Chief.

“Presumably, these protesters are lashing out at the president for his first response to the Charlottesville tragedy. In his initial statement, Trump did not condemn white supremacy specifically. After backlash, he made himself much clearer in a statement directly from the White House, denouncing the KKK and white nationalism. Yet, judging by the scene in New York Monday night, his words do not appear not to have appeased his critics.

“The police, who were only trying to protect the protesters, were also not safe from the hate. One young woman was so incensed she called the officers Nazis.”

It is undeniably true that hate breeds more hate, so why is the left continuing to divide the nation?

Seeing the democratic party in ruins has likely radicalized the liberal base of the party.  Their chances at landing a nominee in the White House in 2020 simply do not exist, given their current desperation, leaving them with only one option as to how best to proceed:  Divide and conquer.

By fueling the nation’s unrest with these wildly inappropriate and unethical accusations, the left looks to foment a wild streak of vigilantism and hatred aimed at delegitimizing the American conservative majority.  As we’ve seen in the case of James T. Hodgkinson and the leftist celebrities that inspired him, there is no reason to believe that liberalism won’t devolve into violent fascism before the first Trump term is over.


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