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Trump Tower Meeting Hysteria is ALREADY A Nothing-Burger, With Extra Cheese

According to a number of sources, we have already recorded over five hundred incidents in which American conservatives have been attacked for their political beliefs in the Trump Era.

The only political malady occurring with a greater frequency than this may be the number of times that the democrats have come up with an excuse for losing the 2016 election…many of which are being pinned on Vladimir Putin and his posse of pesky Ruskies.  The sheer diversity of bizarre theories tied to Russia is exhausting enough, but we can’t forget that Hillary Clinton has been throwing her fair share of blame around as well, invoking everything from secret chauvinism to women who betrayed their gender in voting for the businessman over the crook.

Now, in one of the latest bizarre twists to their tale, the left is claiming that a “secret” meeting at Trump Tower involving Donald Trump Jr. is the lynchpin of their entire #RussiaGate conspiracy.

Spoiler alert:  It’s already a nothing-burger.

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According to “sources with knowledge” talking to CNN—whatever that means—Michael Cohen is prepared to tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller that Donald Trump knew in advance about the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Don Jr. and Russians. The president still denies knowing about that meeting beforehand.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza called the anonymously sourced report a “collusion bombshell,” and said it was maybe the “most important [event] of Donald Trump’s presidency.” One wonders how many times CNN and its employees have said similar things, only to see their hopes dashed?

The truth is that it doesn’t matter whether Trump knew of this meeting or not, or whether Mueller can ever prove that he did. Don Jr. and his associates did nothing wrong in setting up this meeting. But the events surrounding the meeting are damning for the intelligence agencies, the media, and the Democrat Party.

As if the intelligence community needs any more damning

Now for the kicker:  The meeting, which was supposedly regarding “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, turned into something else entirely:

Instead of dirt, Don Jr. was treated to a diatribe about adoptions and the Magnitsky Act. Here is where things get very interesting. The Magnitsky Act is a law meant to crack down on Russian black money that human rights violators have parked overseas. The act was named after Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer who revealed a Kremlin-run tax fraud and was later beaten to death in Russian prison. In a cruel retaliation for the Magnitsky Act, Vladimir Putin banned U.S. parents from adopting Russian children.

So, what exactly are the democrats hanging their hopes on in this case?  That Robert Mueller will somehow find proof that Don Jr. worked with the Kremlin to steal votes from Hillary Clinton?

And, quite importantly, even if there was “dirt” available on Hillary Clinton, the likes of which Wikileaks would have been dealing in, the exposure of this information only makes for a more informed electorate, and, therefore, a more accurate election.

Be careful what you wish for, democrats.  You might just get it.

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