Trump Threatens Mueller: Personal Finances “Off Limits” in Russia Investigation

President Trump has drawn a line in the sand regarding Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Russian election tampering in 2016, and it will have democrats’ heads spinning.

Trump, who already stirred up controversy by firing FBI Director James Comey during his own investigation into possible Russian interfere in the election, was accused of using his power to alter the probe in his favor.  In reality, the President’s decision came as a result of Comey’s inability to properly investigate Hillary Clinton’s illegal and amoral email practices during her time as Secretary of State.  This answer, of course, didn’t satisfy the democrats who immediately jumped to the absurd conclusion that Trump was out to save his own skin in the insane leftist conspiracy theory that pins his entire campaign to Russian collusion.

Now, democrats will once again have a heyday as President Trump warns Special Counsel Mueller that turning his Russia investigation into a widespread look at the Trump family finances is a no-no.

“President Donald Trump told The New York Times Wednesday that it would be improper for special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate his family’s finances in a manner not related to the probe into Russian election interference.

“Mueller, a registered Republican, has hired at least seven Democratic donors to join his investigative team, including one attorney who donated roughly $34,000 to federal Democratic candidates.

“Trump has previously called this hiring practice ‘ridiculous,’ and was asked by the Times whether he would ever order the Justice Department to fire Mueller. He said he would not do so, but he did say that Mueller would cross a red line by opening a broad investigation into his family’s finances unrelated to the Russia investigation.

“’I think that’s a violation. Look, this is about Russia,’ Trump said.”

Mueller is certainly living up to the “witch hunt” moniker that the President has bestowed upon this conspiratorial investigation that has turned up not one piece of evidence of collusion so far.

The left has been falling for this Russia schtick for nearly a year now, after Hillary Clinton first insinuated that Trump could be a Russian operative during the 2016 campaign.  For much of levelheaded America, Clinton’s accusations were simply a ridiculous political stunt, meant to play on her supporters’ millennial knowledge of Russia as a pop culture super-villain from just before their time.  Clinton’s cheap shot has now taken on a life of its own that threatens to destabilize our entire governmental system.

Mueller has yet to respond to the President’s warning.



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