Trump threatens Cruz with Lawsuit

There is no doubt that Donald Trump knows how to win. He is no stranger to seeing what he wants and going after that goal. More times than not, Trump figures out a way. And now he has set his eyes on being President of the United States.

There seems only to be one thing hindering him to get that chance, Ted Cruz. Cruz just will not go away, and this may have convinced Trump to take the gloves off.

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According to the Washington Times, Trump has threatened to bring legal action against his political rival. The two men have brewed up a pretty good feud in the past few weeks. And as they head into the South Carolina Primary, the Business man may have thrown down the gantlet.

This is not the first question of Cruz’s eligibility. As I reported, there has been a similar challenge made by a lawyer in Texas. The question as to whether Cruz would qualify as a Natural Born Citizen has been raised because of the circumstances of his birth.

Cruz was born in Canada to a U.S. born mother and a Cuban-born father. Trump claims that it is irresponsible of Cruz to leave the question unanswered. He has said so on numerous occasions, going as far as demanding that Cruz gets a declaratory judgement.

Trump now says that if Cruz does not, then he will seek that judgment himself. But this brings up a good question. What is Trump’s true motive?

Is Trump concerned for the eligibility of Cruz or is he just seeking to down another opponent?

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