Trump Tells Missouri to Dump Senator McCaskill in 2018


Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has not had an easy go of her political life over the last decade or so. As Missouri has moved to the right, McCaskill’s hold on her job has become ever more tenuous.

McCaskill barely won election in 2006, and likely owes her job to the fact that her last GOP opponent in 2012, scuttled his own campaign after making some ridiculous comments about rape and pregnancy.

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2018 promises to be her most difficult battle yet and so she has attempted to distance herself from the national Democrat Party over the last few months, but President Trump is not making that job easy for her.

The President was in Missouri on Wednesday where he implored the people of the “Show Me” state to hold McCaskill accountable for her voting record and to elect a new Senator in 2018 if McCaskill refused to support the GOP push for tax reform.

The President argued that tax reform was a necesarry step in our economic recovery and resurgence and if McCaskill stands in the way of that recovery, the people of Missouri should elect a new Senator who will support them.

“Over the past 30 years, the average business tax rate among developed nations fell from 45% to less than 24%, and some countries have an unbelievably low tax, including, by the way, China and some others that are highly competitive and really doing very well against us.

They are taking us, frankly, to the cleaners. So we must, we have no choice, we must lower our taxes. And your Senator, Claire McCaskill, she must do this for you. And if she doesn’t do it for you, you have to vote her out of office.

She’s going to make that commitment. She’s got to make that commitment. If she doesn’t do it, we just can’t do this anymore with the obstruction and the obstructionists.

If we don’t get tax cuts and reform approved, potentially the biggest ever, we’re looking for the biggest ever, jobs in our country can not take off the way they should.”

President Trump added that he knew the Democrats would try to obstruct tax reform because they’ve tried to obstruct everything else he’s tried to do since being elected. He mentioned that he still had jobs in his administration that remained unfilled because the Democrats refused to vote on his nominees, he reminded Missouri that the Democrats rammed Obamacare through without one Republican vote, and then they refused to do anything to fix Obamacare this year. The entire Democrat game plan for the Trump presidency seems to be obstruct, obstruct, obstruct… and McCaskill is part of that effort.

“The Dems are looking to obstruct tax cuts and tax reform just like they obstructed so many other things including administration appointments and health care. Not one vote. We got not one vote to try and fix health care.”

Claire McCaskill is in big trouble. Very big trouble indeed. 🇺🇸

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