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Trump Tells Mercedes to Take A Hike, Wants to Ban German Auto Imports!

Donald Trump is no stranger to hyperbole, or the bellicose and boisterous showmanship of a New York City salesman – after all, he is the CEO in Chief – but even his most ardent supporters may be scratching their heads today.

Trump has been unapologetically proud of being an American, as are many of us here in the greatest nation to ever have existed.  The problem lies in the left’s willingness to distort this pride as some sort of xenophobic disaster waiting to happen in which Trump becomes literally Hitler – an allegation so predictable that it boggles the mind as to how it could exist at all.  It’s a sad reality, in fact, that the left views the love of our nation as some sort of condemning of the world at large.  That simply isn’t true.

The liberal libelers will certainly have more on this subject this week, as the President’s possible plan to ban the import of German cars has come to light.

President Trump wants to impose a total ban on the imports of German luxury cars, according to a new report from CNBC and German magazine WirtschaftsWoche.

Several U.S. and European diplomats told the news outlets that Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron about his plans last month during a state visit.

Trump reportedly told Macron that he would maintain the ban until no Mercedes-Benz cars are seen on Fifth Avenue in New York.

The report comes a week after Trump ordered Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to investigate auto tariffs and probe whether car imports are a danger to national security. A similar national security argument was used when Trump placed steep tariffs on aluminum and steel imports in March.

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Of course, several of these manufacturers are already using the American workforce to build cars right here on U.S. soil.  The President could simply be sending a message that those cars that could be made and sold in the U.S. should be..

And while the liberal left has been slow to jump on the story so far, we highly doubt that they will be able to let this rest as such.  We’ll soon be inundated with nonsensical narrative after nonsensical narrative, all claiming that the President’s hope for Americans to succeed is somehow bigoted.  This is the left’s M.O.; to throw our nation under the bus in order to appease the world around us.  For some reason, they believe that this tactic will keep them safe, feed their children, and usher in American prosperity.

Boy, do we have news for them.

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