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Trump Tax Triumph! House Passes Sweeping Overhaul of Tax System

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The Trump Train rolls on, plowing through years of bureaucratic nonsense and D.C. establishment ideologies this week with another victory for the populist President.

President Trump’s status as an unconventional President has been a constant throughout his first year sitting behind that exalted desk in the Oval Office.  As a man with no political experience to speak of, Trump’s overwhelming appeal with the American people came from his long and storied history as an incredible businessman.  This reputation would be immediately to the test via Wall Street, and Trump passed with flying colors.  Virtually a year into The Donald’s first term as Commander in Chief and the stock market is continuing to roar to new record highs.

Now, as a man who has paid more than his fair share of taxes, who better than Donald Trump to overhaul the nation’s tax system?

It looks as though the House of Representatives agrees with that sentiment as well.

“The House on Tuesday approved the most sweeping tax overhaul in decades, voting along party lines to enact deep and permanent tax cuts for corporations and temporary cuts for individuals. The vote puts Republicans one Senate vote and one presidential signature away from their first significant legislative achievement.

“The Senate is expected to approve the $1.5 trillion tax bill on Tuesday night or Wednesday, clearing the way for President Trump to sign it into law by Christmas.

“House Speaker Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, speaking on the House floor, called the vote ‘a turning point’ saying ‘this is our chance, this is our moment.’

“Passage of the bill came over the strenuous objections of Democrats in both the House and the Senate, who have accused Republicans of giving a gift to corporations and the wealthy and driving up the federal debt in the process. The final vote tally can be found here.

“Twelve House Republicans also voted no on the bill, including lawmakers from high-tax states like New York, New Jersey and California.”

While the President’s agenda was initially met with a wild “resistance” from both democrats and RINO republicans, it seems as though we’ve reached a turning point on Capitol Hill.

No longer will the President be bullied out of his goals of achieving what he promised for the American people.  This tax bill’s success is only the beginning, as legislation will snowball in the coming year from this victory, truly putting America back on the path to greatness.

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