Trump Targets The Cartels

There is no warfare more effective than economic warfare. When you are faced with an enemy that is either more powerful or more maneuverable, the best chance of victory is to hit them in the pocketbook consistently.

This seems to be the thinking of the Trump campaign. With the growing power of the drug cartels, the Mexican government is virtually nonexistent in the war on drugs. And no matter your feelings about this war, there is little doubt that these organizations are evil and murderous.

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With this in mind, there is also the problem of illegal immigration.
Trump has said that he has the plan to deal with both problems at once.

Breitbart reports

The resources of Mexican transnational criminal organizations, also known as cartels, will be seized and used to fund Donald Trump’s border wall if he wins the 2016 presidential election.

Trump’s idea to force the cartels to pay will likely manifest in the form of seizing their assets. It is likely that the U.S. State Department’s diplomatic shackles placed upon the FBI will be removed, as it is common knowledge that the State Department pressures the FBI to balance their law enforcement priorities with diplomatic concerns–a restriction that makes it difficult to properly address Mexican cartels when many of the elected leaders in Mexico are actually surrogates for those very cartels, as Breitbart Texas has reported ad nauseam.

What this will mean is that the Cartel will be footing the bill to make it harder for them to get their product and their slaves across the border.

Let’s hope that this is not a campaign promise that goes unfulfilled.

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