Trump Takes Pill Problem To Beijing, Seeks China’s Help with Opioids

Our nation is currently in the midst of an unbelievable drug epidemic, fueled by opiate-based prescription pills largely produced overseas.

While opioids have long been a part of our nation’s medical reality, their recreational use has spiked in recent years thanks to the Big Pharmaceutical industry’s unscrupulous tactics of financially incentivizing doctors to prescribe drugs such as Oxycontin and Vicodin in increasingly enormous amounts.  When this situation is exacerbated by the drugs’ unfathomable addiction rate, Americans are falling victim to opioid addiction by the tens of thousands.

When the prescriptions run out, these otherwise fine Americans are forced to quell their cravings with dangerous, illegal narcotics that contain similar compounds, with heroin being the most affordable and most recognizable of the illicit opioids.

Modern man, in our never-ending quest for efficiency, has created ever more powerful opiate-based medicines than heroin, and these new super-drugs have begun invading both the medicinal and recreational supply at an alarming rate.  The most famous is fentanyl – an opiate so powerful that police are being trained to handle the narcotic while wearing gloves, as a damp batch can be absorbed through the skin causing horrendous side effects and even death.

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This incredibly potent, heroin-like drug is being produced in large amounts in China, due to the nation’s bargain basement manufacturing costs, and making its way to the United States via pharmaceutical companies and the Mexican drug cartels, both of whom are preying on the American people.  Now, as President Trump visits Asia for the first time, he is taking the Chinese government to task on the subject, for the good of the U.S. population. 

“President Donald Trump said Thursday that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to place a ‘special emphasis’ on the drug fentanyl, which China allegedly exports.

“’The United States and China also face many challenges within our borders. Every year, drug trafficking destroys millions and millions of lives,’ Trump said at a press conference with President Xi. ‘Today, President Xi and I discussed ways we can enhance coordination to better counter the deadly drug trade and to stop the lethal flow of poisonous drugs into our countries and into our communities. A special emphasis will be placed on the new phenomena: fentanyl — destroying lives by the millions. We’re going to be focusing on it very strongly, the President and myself.’”

This isn’t the first time that China’s illicit manufacturing industries have been on the radar of United States law enforcement.

During the recent heyday of synthetic cannabinoids, (“fake weed”, in other words), American youngsters were increasingly waking up in ambulances and hospitals after smoking or otherwise ingesting the shoddily produced recreational drugs.  The lack of oversight in manufacturing, almost exclusively occurring in China, led to a dangerous, seizure-inducing compounds being include in the finished product.  When it hit the streets of America, these pseudo-drugs had no legal precedent banning them and were sold as dietary supplements everywhere from gas stations to smoke shops.



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