Trump Takes One Look at Mexican Destruction and Immediately…

The mainstream media has spent a long time attempting to sow the seeds of hatred between Donald Trump and the nation of Mexico.

During the tumultuous election of 2016, CNN and their liberal cohorts consistently pushed an agenda of then-candidate Trump’s inherent racism and bigotry, often accompanied by retorts involving Trump’s hope to install a wall between the U.S. and our southerly neighbors.  Somehow, the mainstream media turned American sovereignty into a discriminatory diatribe against the wonderful people of Mexico, and then had the audacity to call Donald Trump a racist.

Yes, the wall still needs to happen, but not because Americans dislike Mexico.  The wall needs to happen to protect the sovereignty of America, and to help stave off the illegal funding of Mexican drug cartels via their narcotic smuggling routines.

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Now, as Mexico faces some of the most harrowing natural disasters that they have ever seen, Donald Trump wasted no time in lending a helpful hand.

“American search-and-rescue teams are being deployed to Mexico after President Trump offered assistance to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto following a massive earthquake, the White House announced Wednesday.

“The president spoke to Mexican President Pena Nieto Wednesday pledged to closely coordinate with the Mexican government’s relief efforts.

“A huge 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico Tuesday. The quake has led to at least 200 deaths and destroyed at least 44 buildings.

“U.S. Agency for International Development spokesman Clayton McCleaskey also addressed the plans to deploy a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) in a Wednesday statement.”

This development certainly flies in the face of the liberal narrative regarding President Trump’s purported hatred for Mexico, and will likely find itself buried by CNN and the like.

The idea that our great nation would elect some sort of supreme bigot to the highest office in the land is an unconceivable insult to the American people who chose Donald Trump as President.  There is no evidence to suggest such, yet the inflammatory attacks continue to batter the Commander in Chief, regardless of his actions to the contrary.

As America responds in Mexico, look for the mainstream media to up the ante on their anti-Trump attacks in a perverse and unethical escalation.

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