Trump Supporters Give Trump Bad Advice! [VIDEO]

These Trump supporters say that he should take the “high road” against Hillary Clinton.

This video about the advice that Trump supporters are giving the candidate really leaves me puzzled. What about you?

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As NewsMax summarized,

Donald Trump best not bring up Bill Clinton’s sex scandals at the second presidential debate with Hillary Clinton – because “you’re never going to beat the Clintons in the mud,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said.

In an interview on ABC News’ “Powerhouse Politics” podcast, Gingrich said the political couple have far more experience as “gutter-fighters.”

“You’re never going to beat the Clintons in the mud; it’s not possible,” Gingrich said, according to excerpts released by ABC News.

“They’re the best gutter-fighters we’ve seen in our lifetime.”


This is exactly what we have seen in the last two humiliating defeats of Republican candidates. Both John McCain and Mitt Romney treated their campaigns as cordial contests between gentlemen of good will. It didn’t work.

It is never going to work.

Voters want a fighter who dares to tell the truth like a politician never would.

Donald Trump has threatened Hillary with the public discussion of her (and Bill’s) known mistreatment of women if she brought the issue of sexism against him.

Well, she went ahead and brought it up! We ought to be seeing national Juanita Broaddrick ads by now.

I’m not saying that Trump should necessarily shoot from the hip. He should devise a strategy that ties Hillary’s history of corruption together. Trump supporters ought to help him do that.

Marsha Blackburn mentions some issues she wants Trump to discuss like the Clinton Foundation. That will only work if Trump destroys Hillary’s evasion of responsibility. Bringing up the sociopathic behavior she has covered up or engaged in with Bill’s victims is an important element of his attack. Without it she will slide out from under the accusations with an “I don’t recall.”

The other advice from these Trump supporters sounds like they think voters are policy wonks. That’s delusional.

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