Trump Supporter Gets Liberal Crowd Cheering on Obamacare, then Drops Reality on their Heads

Across the nation, Republican lawmakers have been holding raucous town hall meetings where their liberal constituents have been gathering to complain. From California, to Michigan, to Florida liberals have been filling up venues and yelling at recently elected Republicans (in usually heavily Republican districts) about President Trump, Obamacare, and other hot-button topics.

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) was reelected with 63% of the vote in his district, but you never would have guessed it if you would have been at a recent town hall where police had to escort him from the premises.

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Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) was reelected with 60% of the vote in his district, but at a recent town hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan you would have thought that no one in his community had voted for him.

There are many other examples of the ridiculous rise of liberal complainers. Folks who are so incensed at losing (even when the winner got more than 60% of the vote) that they simply have to complain about everything, but I’ll just share one more…

In Florida, Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) won his district with 69% of the vote. 69%! And yet, when he held a town hall in New Port Richey, Florida you would have though that the man would soon be looking for other work. The venue was filled with liberal Democrats screaming and complaining about the GOP majority doing things that Republicans elected them to do. The insanity was epic, stirred by one man’s demand that Obamacare be “ripped to shreds,” but it was an elderly gentleman in a trademark “Make America Great Again” hat that made the crowd apoplectic.

The man asked three simple questions, and had the Democrat crowd cheering him on… but when he answered his own questions it was as if he’d just poured hot coals over their liberal heads.

“Every American should have health care coverage—would you agree,” he asked. The crowd cheered their approval. “That pre-existing conditions should be covered—would you say,” the man continued. Again the crowd cheered the man on. “If you are 26 years old, or at least up to that, you should be able to be covered by your parents’ insurance—would you agree,” he asked one last time to raucous applause. But there would be no cheering from the liberals after his final statement… “OK, Mr. Price, the cabinet member, has said he’s committed to those three things. Yes, yes, yes! So you need to find out the facts before you start complaining.”


Watch the epic dress down for yourself:

The Independent Journal Review proves the man right, and lays out Dr. Tom Price’s (the new Secretary of Health and Human Services) position on healthcare.

On the issue of health care for all, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said:

“I think it’s absolutely imperative that we have a system in place that has patients at the center and allows for every single American to have the opportunity to gain access to the kind of coverage they want.”

Price also recently vowed, “we will not abandon individuals with pre-existing illness or disease.”

Finally, even President Donald Trump said he wants to keep the Obamacare provision allowing people up to 26 years old to be covered by their parents’ insurance plans.

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