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Trump Has Stern Message for Anti-President Protestors Demanding Tax Returns

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Liberals, leftists, and all manner or progressive agitators took to the streets of the United States on Saturday in organized, anti-Trump rallies.

The events, which were thinly-veiled as “tax day” marches, turned out to be a resounding cacophony of left-leaning and lackluster arguments against the President of the United States.  With a cadre of childish celebrities lending their own unique brand of nonsense to the affair, many within the crowd denounced Donald Trump’s unwillingness to release his financial history to the public.  While that simple premise has already been addressed by the White House and Trump himself, that didn’t stop liberal protesters from ramping up their rhetoric into violence at many of these scattered events.

When word got back to President Trump regarding what was happening, the Commander in Chief had a very clear and stern message for these troublemakers:  It’s too late, I’m already President.

“It has been over three months now and Democrats and early Sunday morning, President Trump spoke to their anti-rallies in clear language, ‘the election is over.’

“No doubt, even the smartest liberal wouldn’t understand that. Democrats have been acting very maliciously against Pres. Trump over the last 2 1/2 months he is been in office.”

tax returns

Furthermore, Trump’s insistence that someone should be looking into who paid for these rallies says something about this President’s ability to see past the smoke and mirrors of the left.  There have been a multitude of reports that these leftist agitators are being paid by wealthy, left-leaning globalists to tarnish the reputation of the President.  By inciting violence as they often do, these rebellious liberal zombies will create a scene worthy of the evening news, with Donald Trump’s name smeared across the bottom banner as scenes of chaos and violence play out in the foreground.

This sort of association of the President with chaos and anarchy is a purposeful ruse by the mainstream media.  By constantly appearing together on television, Trump and Violence will become synonymous with each other, and that will ultimately shape the nation’s psyche.  Liberals on the verge of being radicalized will reach that plateau sooner than they would without the added dissonance of the media’s charade.  Then, with these violent melees truly becoming mainstream in appearance, the left won’t think twice about picking up that brick, assaulting that police officer, or worse.



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