Trump Spokeswoman “The Biggest Piece of Fake News” Came from the Mainstream Media!

During a post-election forum discussion between Trump’s and Hillary’s campaign aides at Harvard and hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Robby Mook – Hillary’s former campaign manager – decried “fake news” and Russia meddling in our election. Here’s what Mook had to say in response to Tapper’s question about the role of ‘fake news.’

“There’s a lot of things we need to examine coming out of this. Congress has got to investigate what happened with Russia here. We cannot have foreign, and foreign aggressors — I would argue — intervening in our elections. We know the Russians were promulgating fake news through Facebook and other outlets.

“But look, we also had – and this is with all due respect to Kellyanne and her colleagues, this isn’t personal – but you know, Steve Bannon ran Breitbart News, which was notorious for peddling stories like this. And I’m not attacking him personally, but they peddled a lot of stories on that website that are just false. They’re just not true. And that reinforced sexist, racist, anti-Semitic notions in people.

“You know, headlines that just make your – that are shocking and insulting, and shouldn’t be a part of our public discourse.”

Kellyanne agreed sort of with the fake news effect. It’s just that her definition of fake news was probably different than Mook’s.

“I think the biggest piece of fake news in this election was that Donald Trump couldn’t win…so, there’s that,” Kellyanne responded. “And that was peddled for probably weeks and months before the campaign ended, definitely in the closing days. If you look at major newspapers and major cable stations, networks, Jake, it’s unmistakable.”


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