North Korea

Trump Spokesman Mocks North Korea, Calls them a “Paper Tiger”

Sebastian Gorka has become one of President Trump’s most effective and persuasive spokesmen in the media world.

Gorka regularly appears on Fox News and CNN to discuss the President’s agenda, his policies, his comments, and the world as seen through the Trump administration lens.

On Fox News he is generally treated as a friend and given the chance to opine on the Trump agenda. On CNN he is generally seen as an adversary and is forced to duel with show hosts over what the President is thinking, and how certain policies might affect our standing in the world.

Gorka recently appeared on Fox News the Hannity Show to speak with one of the President’s strongest media allies, Sean Hannity, about the growing threat that is North Korea.

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At least, we thought it was a threat… Gorka has a very different… and somewhat less respectful view of the hermit kingdom.

Gorka told Hannity that the North Koreans are backing themselves into a corner, and if they’re wise they’ll back down now.

They [North Korea] can rattle their rusty sabres, but the fact is this is a sadistic dictatorial regime, and what they have been trying to do, ever since the facilitation of their nuclear weapons program by the Clinton White House, and later the Obama White House, is to blackmail us. To blackmail the West.

But that all ended this weekend. 

Think about all the people who not just underestimated, but criticized this president.

What did he just achieve through the good works of [UN Ambassador] Nikki Haley and [Secretary of State] Rex Tillerson. We had a 15-0 vote in the United Nations Security Council — including [all five] permanent members: Russia, China, [U.S., France, U.K] — have brought the most stringent package of sanctions against North Korea we have ever seen. 

They have backed themselves into a corner and they need to back down, as Rex Tillerson said. 

When Hannity mentioned that the North Korean dictator might be crazy, and then openly wondered if sanctions would actually stop him, Gorka reassured him.

This is not the Cold War. Remember, during the Cold War we had this phrase — correlation of forces — we had a balance, we had a standoff. More than 20,000 nuclear weapons on each side. 

This is not the Soviet Union, this is a ‘Potemkin Village‘ This regime can not even feed its own people, that is how much of a paper tiger this is. 

Now we have to send a very clear message [to Kim Jong Un]: Rex Tillerson today at the ASEAN meeting said [North Korea] can send a signal [to the rest of the world that they want to make a deal]: No more ballistic missile tests.

Then we will know sanity reigns, and they don’t want to bring down the ire of the president, and the Western community, on North Korea. 🇺🇸

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