America First

Trump Signs Massive “America First” Executive Order, Conservatives Rejoice


Liberals and leftist agitators had a heyday during the 2016 election, attempting in vain to lambast Donald Trump for his “America First” policy direction.

The republican candidate, who was eventually elected President, made many promises to the American people during his tumultuous campaign against Hillary Clinton, not the least of which was to be a renewed focus on American jobs, products, and workers.

While many major corporations have announced that they would be reinventing in America during Trump’s first term, to the tune of several billion dollars, the republican President wasn’t nearly finished fulfilling his promise to the nation.  Now, with an executive order signed today, Donald Trump has recommitted himself, and the government surrounding him, to the betterment of the United States and our incredible people.

“’With this action, we’re sending a powerful signal to the world and we’re going to defend our workers, protect our jobs, and finally put America first,’ he said during a speech at Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“Trump ordered the federal government to promote and use American-made products and hire American workers, signing the document at the event.

“’No longer are we going to allow foreign countries to cheat our producers and our workers out of federal contracts,’ he said.

“He also called for H-1B Visa reform, asserting that the current lottery system was ‘wrong,’ and should be focused on only allowing in immigrants with the ‘most skilled and highest paid applicants.’

“’No one can compete with American workers when they are given a fair and level playing field, which has not happened for decades,’ he said.

“Trump vowed trade reform with Mexico and Canada, promising to make big changes to NAFTA or get rid of it altogether.

“’NAFTA has been a disaster for the United States,’ he said. ‘A complete and total disaster.’”

While liberals have been hard at work rebuking the President for any and every decision he has made, defiance to this latest executive order will be difficult for many leftist politicians to explain adequately to their constituents.  Trump’s no-nonsense plan for the American worker’s dominance in our nation is a win-win for the entirety of We The People, not just for those already dedicated to his cause.

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