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Could Trump Shake Up Wall Street With Massive Bank Breakup?

If Donald Trump’s presidency has one consistent theme, it would be a duty to improve the lives of the average American citizen.

Of course, much of this has to do with Trump’s promise to make America great again by rolling back, or outright abolishing, many of the disastrous Obama-era regulations, programs, and legislative actions.  Former President Obama was simply terrible at making life better for Americans, instead, creating an environment of confusion and complexity that has fundamentally molested the American Dream.

As Trump has proven time and again to be a President of the people, it comes as no surprise that he has the gargantuan Wall Street banking cartel on his radar in recent days.

“President Donald Trump said he’s actively considering a break up of giant Wall Street banks, giving a push to efforts to revive a Depression-era law separating consumer and investment banking.

“’I’m looking at that right now,’ Trump said of breaking up banks in a 30-minute Oval Office interview with Bloomberg News. ‘There’s some people that want to go back to the old system, right? So we’re going to look at that.’”

“Trump also said he’s open to increasing the U.S. gas tax to fund infrastructure development, in a further sign that policies unpopular with the Republican establishment are under consideration in the White House. He described higher gas taxes as acceptable to truckers — ‘I have one friend who’s a big trucker,’ he said — as long as the proceeds are dedicated to improving U.S. highways.”

The dismantling of these behemoths of finance would certainly create a rich environment for consumers.  Competition between these banks would certainly breed customer opportunities, giving Americans an increasing number of choices of how to handle their nest eggs.

Donald Trump, as President, has seemingly adopted a policy of making sweeping changes as opposed to nuanced legislative maneuvers – something that has kept his loyal supporters enthralled with his administration.  This is certainly not business as usual in Washington D.C., and the world is beginning to take notice.

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