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Trump Sexual Assault Allegations Unravel and Show Hillary’s Hand

Lots of inconsistencies and loose ends with these Trump sexual assault allegations.

Chuck Johnson of has done some done extensive investigation regarding these latest allegations. Regardless if you think Trump is a womanizer or not, you’d have to say there’s no way these “alleged” events ever took place. Based on information that GotNews has uncovered, you can tell this was a sloppy Democratic hit job. Chuck Johnson takes the stories from Jessica Leeds and rips them to shreds. Most times people will trash the source. Johnson does not do that. Leeds’ story has too many inconsistencies about her flight with Trump. Major details don’t line up from the type of plane, to the non-existent arm rests, to many other things. Major details regarding another accuser, Mindy McGillivray, claimed that Trump “groped” her at a Ray Charles concert in 2003. The only problem? That concert never happened. Anyone being honest would have to conclude these Trump sexual assault allegations are completely false.

There’s more evidence that these Trump sexual assault allegations are created by Hillary operatives.

It appears the same operatives who tried to sloppily cover up Hillary’s emails are behind this. That usually is the case when campaigns throw up last ditch efforts to stop the opposition. Details get overlooked. Things are borrowed from books and movies and pieces of information from other noted public scandals. It reminds me of the Clarence Thomas Hearings where Anita Hills’ testimony was word for word from novels. It’s clear that’s what is happening. Hillary will claim she had no part of this, but her fingerprints are all over it. Jessica Leeds has a close relationship with the Clintons as current Secretary of the New York chapter of Altrusa USA, a service organization that champions a lot of the same causes that Hillary Clinton supports.

Hillary is counting on her operatives to fabricate more Trump sexual assault allegations at an amazing clip of speed.

What you are going to see all the way up till election day is Hillary creating as many unfounded Trump sexual assault allegations as possible thrown at Trump. They will be unverified. There will be zero evidence, just allegations. Gloria Allred will trot out a host of women. Hillary is counting on the media to not check the substance of these allegations. They will be full of holes. They want an avalanche of allegations to smother Trump and give him no room to breath. This is the “old faithful” strategy of the Democrats. They will drill from this well till it’s dry or until people see through it.

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