Is Trump setting up another Gang of 8?

Reince Priebus was grilled on Fox News Sunday on what Trump will do about Obama’s DACCA order.

Reince really didn’t give a straight answer.

The statement that sticks out with Reince is:

And specifically, and is he going to undo DACA, the Obama executive action to defer deportation for the 700,000 so-called DREAMers who were brought into this country illegally as children?” host Chris Wallace asked.

“Well, on the last one, I think we’re going to work with House and Senate leadership as well to get a long-term solution on that issue,” Priebus replied.

That right now is not sitting well with the anti-amnesty crowd at all.  Reason being, is because it looks like The Senate is setting up another Gang of 8 with Senator Thom Tillis leading the way. There will be another push.

I think it’s in Trump’s favor to tackle DACA head on and quickly.

It’s the first week and Trump can’t tackle every issue all at once.  I get that. Until actual legislation or executive action is put forward, we should be patient and wait. I think there are too many conservative outlets jumping the gun.  They are probably jumping the gun because they feel the need to be heard and heard quickly.  I get that too. They don’t want their message lost. If Thom Tillis though is in the process of forming another gang of 8 Amnesty scenario though, it makes you wonder if there’s a deal struck with the White House and Congress.

Trump ran hard on illegal immigration if he goes soft here there will be a backlash.

If Tillis passes an amnesty bill there will be pushback from the grassroots. You will see the White House switchboard and the Congress switchboard light up. All the anti-illegal immigration groups that were making noise in 2006 and 2014 will be back. We may see another Congressional majority flip like we saw with Cantor.

My prediction is Trump will never pass another bill like the Gang of 8.

The public outcry will push him in the right direction. We know this because Trump truly has sought out the people’s voice.  If a gang of 8 amnesty situation rises again there will be a high price to pay.  I don’t think Trump wants to pay that price.

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