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Trump Sets Aside $50 Million To Boost American Female Entrepreneurs

There are a few predictable liberal attacks against President Donald Trump that have seemingly run their course, no matter what the left continues to insist.

One of those arguments is that Donald Trump is some sort of high-ranking male chauvinist, stuck in the 1950’s version of American business.  The simple truth of the matter is that there is no way the Trump’s businesses would have survived were that the case, yet, the left continues to pore over archaic and antiquated magazine interviews, television appearances, and out-of-context “hot mic” moments in order to lambast the Commander in Chief.

Now, as First Daughter Ivanka continues to wow on the world stage, her effect on the presidency of her father has been quite apparent.  His latest empowerment announcement comes on the heels of a plan hatched by the young adviser to the President, and will effect American women from coast to coast. 

“President Donald Trump said Saturday the U.S. would contribute $50 million to a new World Bank fund conceived by his daughter that aims to help women entrepreneurs access capital and other support.

“Ivanka Trump joined World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim on the sidelines of the Group of 20 world leaders’ summit in Hamburg, Germany, to launch the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative.

“Kim said the fund had raised more than $325 million so far for projects and programs to support women and women-led businesses by improving access to capital and markets, providing technical assistance, training and mentoring, and pushing public policy. The fund grew out of conversations between Ivanka Trump and Kim early in Trump’s administration.

“‘This is not a cute little project,’ Kim said during a panel discussion, arguing the effort would spur real economic growth.

“President Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also spoke at the event, where Trump said the fund would help eliminate barriers for women to launch businesses, help transform ‘millions and millions of lives,’ and ‘provide new hope to these women from countless communities all across the world.'”

This surely won’t affect the mainstream media’s efforts to portray Trump as a brutish pig stuck in the pre-suffrage era, but it should.

Ivanka Trump has been on the rise in the White House for some time.  Her political grooming at times seems a bit more polished than her father’s often brash temperament – a key characteristic in the success of several first term initiatives – yet the First Daughter is still achieving quite a few of her goals in the realm of women’s rights.  This, of course, will irk and perturb the left, who believed that only Hillary Clinton would have been capable of such strides.


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