Sarah Sanders

Trump, Sanders Take Press to Task Over Fake News and Nonsense

This week has been yet another adversarial one for President Trump and his administration, as they battle not only Robert Mueller’s #RussiaGate hoax, but also Stormy Daniels and the press who obsess over her.

Of course, this media malfeasance stems from the liberal slant tugging at the heart of the “news” these days.  We must remember that these are not outlets of information.  Rather, they are streams of revenue for someone in an ivory tower somewhere, and the almighty dollar is the only entity they live to serve.  To make this money, they are at the behest of advertisers and the corporations that employ those advertisers.

It gets a little messy down in those trenches, and adding politics to the mix only furthers the fogginess of it all.

Due to all of this infernal and internal pressure to succeed financially, the easiest route to wealth is by inflating and conflating conflict within your allotted time slot.  You keep the eyes glued to the carnage in order to keep them coming back after being told what dish detergent smells the best.  It’s a dance, and it well choreographed to embarrass the President, since that is a surefire way to create conflict for your viewers.

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In fact, recent polls indicated that perhaps as much as 91% of news coverage regarding President Trump is negative.  The Donald wasn’t going to let that one slide without a tweet.

That last line predictably irked the mainstream media, pinging their radar for things they can tie to their definition of “tyranny”.  At today’s press beating, er, briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was confronted by a member of the media regarding the tweet.

ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega asked Sanders about one of President Donald Trump’s tweets from earlier in the day, wherein he criticized reportage from mainstream media outlets as “fake news.”

Vega asked Sanders if stripping press outlets of White House credentials is a “line [she] is willing to cross.”

Sanders said Vega’s colleagues have often reported that the Trump White House is one of the most accessible administrations in history.

“[We’re] very committed to a free press,” Sanders said. “Me being up here… the president [spoke to you] just a couple of hours ago,” she said.

Vega reiterated her question, asking how threatening the press is a fruitful endeavor in light of the Constitutionally mandated free press.

Sanders got the last laugh, of course.

[Sanders] said the New York Times described Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as AWOL while he was in reality retrieving American hostages from North Korea.

Sanders also slammed the Washington Post for a story that questioned whether First Lady Melania Trump physically resides in the White House or in the Beltway suburbs with her parents.

And that’s why she got the job, ladies and gentlemen.

Score one for Sanders here.  With the mainstream media fully cocked and loaded with Stormy Daniels ammunition, (no pun intended), the Press Secretary will likely find herself on the receiving end of several scornful tantrums in the coming weeks.

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