Trump rubs Gennifer Flowers in Hillary’s face

Gennifer Flowers, what’s the point of bringing her up?

Many politicos have realized that going after Clinton on scandal is a failed proposition. They have some valid points. I believe Trump realizes he’s not going to defeat Hillary on scandal alone. Trump is a master when it comes to the media. He knows how to get the ink flowing. He wants everyone to remember that in the back of their minds are the scandals of the 90’s. The more the media complains about Trump’s comments on Gennifer Flowers, the more voters remember the sexually deviant Clintons. Add the Anthony Wiener scandal this week, and you have the perfect storm for Trump to walk into debate night. Who in their right mind sees Hillary as a victim? You can’t paint Trump as a demon when it comes to the Clinton’s propensity to be political whores of the worst nature.

With Gennifer Flowers, Trump knows he will force the media to create the perfect storm for his advantage.

Trump is not trying to stop Hillary with rubbing Gennifer Flowers in Clinton’s face. He’s inflaming the media. Trump wants them to incessantly talk about Flowers. The net effect will be a focus on Flowers and what happened with Clinton. Trump is not going to back down from this fight. He will take the arrows thrown at him from the media. Trump will use their vitriol to remind voters of who the Clintons are. They can’t be trusted.

Trump is vicious by using Gennifer Flowers. He’s vicious because it works.

Reality TV has taught Trump.  The lesson learned is turn on “the vicious” at the right time. The upcoming debate reminds us of the lessons of 2012. The weakness of Romney’s debate performance is a sobering reminder. In essence, Trump’s goal is to not be like Romney. Trump bringing up Gennifer Flowers is not an undisciplined fit of anger. It’s not a mis-step. Intentional jabs are being made by Trump. Trump is not falling for media traps. The media is falling for Trump traps.

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