Trump Rips San Francisco’s Expansion of Their ‘Sanctuary City’ Program

Presidential candidate Donald Trump told Breitbart News said sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants are “unacceptable,” even as San Francisco was considering expanding its own sanctuary city program less than a year after Kate Steinle was murdered in that town, allegedly by an illegal alien.

“Sanctuary cities are a disaster,” Trump said. “They’re a safe haven for criminals and people that should not have a safe haven in many cases. It’s just unacceptable. We’ll be looking at sanctuary cities very hard.”

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors have been considering a proposal that would prevent local government workers from ever asking about or revealing someone’s immigration status unless that person is charged with a violent crime and has been previously convicted of a violent crime within the past seven years.

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Only then would a government employee be allowed to contact ICE about an illegal immigrant.

The vote had been scheduled for this week but has been postponed due to opposition from the sheriff.

The proposal’s sponsor is Supervisor John Avalos said he expects Sheriff Vicki Hennessy to shift her position. “I don’t think she can withstand sitting as an outlier in San Francisco government that doesn’t uphold the values of a sanctuary city,” Avalos said.

The murder of Steinle, 32, last year while walking along the city’s public piers put supporters of sanctuary cities on the defensive and brought long-overdue attention to several major cities that have for years contributed to the illegal immigration problem by knowingly disregarding federal law and protecting people who are in this country illegally, sometimes even when they’ve committed a serious crime.

Despite their rhetoric, supporters of sanctuary city laws usually have not been civic-minded activists just looking out for California residents. More often than not, when you scratch the surface of any sanctuary city movement, you find human cockroaches from the semi-underground Aztlan Reconquista movement.

This new Reconquista takes its name from the ancient movement to drive out Muslims from Spain, but its modern aim is to take over the Southwest United States, or “Aztlan,” for Mexico.

It’s a treasonous, racist movement that in its broadest statements seeks to carve up the United States by ethnicity, taking about half of the U.S. for Mexicans, and giving the South to blacks. As you can probably guess, further digging into the Reconquista movement will uncover connections to various socialist organizations.

And thus it’s no surprise to find some of these same people, using a group named Causa Justa: Just Cause, showing up to support Avalos’ proposal.

Breitbart News has an extensive investigation of the group and its connection to Avalos and members of his staff. The short summary is that Causa Justa, a group called Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and some questionable campaign expenditures by Avalos are all connected through a woman named Michelle Foy, who works as a program manager for Roadmap Consulting. (Their clients and funders list is very interesting, to say the least. Note the Ford Foundation.)

Freedom Road is, by its own admission, in support of independent Chicano and African-American nations.

In promoting the building of a border wall and deporting illegal immigrants, Trump is not just fighting some accidental tide of humanity seeking better jobs. He is actually going against a longstanding conspiracy to dismantle the United States, that has support in local, state and in all likelihood federal government agencies.

If a President Trump is serious about fixing the problem, he has his work cut out for him.

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