Trump Rightfully Blasts Schwarzenegger

Trump-Schwarzenegger Youtube

Conservatives wanting Trump to be a “well behaved statesmen” don’t get it.

Just let Trump be Trump and fight him over real issues. So Donald Trump, in typical Trump fashion, blasts Schwarzenegger’s new Apprentice on NBC.

So we have conservatives joining liberals in this “shame-fest” over Trump not being nice to Arnold.

In my own personal opinion, the re-hashing of the Apprentice with Arnold is a disaster.

If NBC wants to get truly great ratings, they would be doing re-runs of “The Apprentice”.  They would be having long hours of behind the scenes with former contestants.  Trump has been a ratings bonanza during this election cycle, and any smart Television executive would capitalize on this.  The only reason they are not pursuing something like this is because he’s the Republican President of the United States now.

Let’s face it, Arnold saying your “Terminated” and “Hasta La Vista” was “in” 30 years ago maybe right after Terminator II.  The show sucks on basic merit.

When Trump is blasting and shaming NBC, stay out of his way.

Why would you want him to be this “so called statesman”.  We had 8 years of George W Bush getting slaughtered by the media and him doing jack squat to stand up to it.  Why do we want to do that again? Trump goes after the media and takes great delight in going after them.  The truth is, NBC loved Trump before he ran for president. Today, like all the other liberal apparatuses, they hate Trump and attack him.

We have never had a President go after the media like Trump does.

The more Trump goes after the media, the more they lose their mind. In the words of Rush Limbaugh regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger (add NBC and the Apprentice to this mix).  “I hope  he fails”.  We actually should be routing for the failure of Arnold with this.  The Apprentice has turned from educational to re-hashed celebrity trash tv that needs to be flushed out.

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