The Louder Liberals Whine, The Higher Trump’s Numbers Go

For all the people on the Left, let me spell this out for you: The more you cry, scream, demonstrate, vandalize and throw tantrums over Donald Trump, the more votes he gets.

Seriously, you perpetually aggrieved types are just greasing the wheels on the Trump juggernaut.

Stop it.

Just some of the latest tidbits from the Trump War: Four officers were injured at a Pittsburgh Trump rally when some protesters¬†(identified as “anarchists,” which is about as descriptive as saying “Democrats”) decided it would be a good idea to do things like kick, punch and jump on officers who were armed and wearing tactical body armor.

Over at Tulane University, the Left is suffering from the vapors because the Kappa Alpha fraternity put up a sandbag wall and scrawled “Trump” and “Make America Great Again” on it. Amid much boohooing about “racism” (I keep telling you clowns, Mexico is not a race — look it up), campus liberals found some football players to trespass on the fraternity’s property and steal the sandbags. The really stupid thing about this scenario is that the wall is an annual tradition for the fraternity, it’s just that this year it got a political spin. So once again, liberals use conservatives’ free speech as an excuse to act like crybaby morons.

Really, you liberals this election cycle remind me of the type of jackasses who “trim” a neighbor’s tree when they’re not looking and throw all the branches into their driveway. Suburbanites know what I’m talking about.

But the worst part of all of this is, we probably agree on the point that Trump is not the candidate we would have wanted (though you liberals¬†totally lose me when you suggest that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are better choices — or even reasonable choices).

When it comes down to it, though, the Left has been so childish and irritating during this whole election cycle, I might vote for The Donald just for the karmic gratification of watching their heads explode.

On the plus side, when the Left carries Trump into office, the country’s population should shrink significantly due to all the liberals who’ve pledged to flee the U.S.

Wonder where they’ll all go? I hear Europe is taking in refugees. Could be worth a shot.

But whatever happens, please stop making me defend Donald Trump. Truly.

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