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Trump Reverses Big Pharma Price Gouge With Merely A Phone Call

It is easy to see where the left gets their notion that our President is a bit like a bull in a China Shop; indeed, Donald Trump does tend to move quickly, powerfully, and in such a manner that no one within earshot will be able to ignore him.

I say this with the utmost respect, however.  I’m a fan of the “strong leader” trope, and I’m frankly okay with Americans being a tiny bit more selfish than normal in 2018.  Of course, that’s not to say that we shouldn’t still be following the Golden Rule, and treating our fellow man with the kindness and strength of character that we as U.S. citizens are quickly taught to embrace.  I would just rather us spend our taxpayer money in far more appropriate ways.

President Trump seems to feel the same way, having absolutely torn NATO to shreds just hours ago in a “pre-summit” breakfast meeting.  The President showed no regard for the normal operating procedure of these pomp-filled pow-wows, instead getting right down to brass tacks before the bacon even hit the plate.  Just observing the expressions on the faces surrounding the Commander in Chief during this tough, truth-filled tirade is enough to tell us that we’re working on a different echelon now.

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We’ve shifted gears from two years ago, and we are cooking down that blistering asphalt all the way to the bank.

It seems that the President has certainly grown into his role in the Oval Office, and this decisive diatribe proves it.  Now, we just want to know what he said to Pfizer on the phone to get them in line as well…

Major U.S. drug manufacturer Pfizer agreed to roll back July 1 drug price hikes after an “extensive discussion” with President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

“Just talked with Pfizer CEO and @SecAzar on our drug pricing blueprint,” Trump tweeted Tuesday night after arriving in Brussels, Belgium, for the NATO summit. “Pfizer is rolling back price hikes, so American patients don’t pay more.”

“We applaud Pfizer for this decision and hope other companies do the same,” wrote Trump. “Great news for the American people!”

The company’s price hikes on 100 products went into effect on July 1. It was the company’s second price hike this year. While prices on many drugs were increased, there were also decreases on a few of their products.

Pharmaceutical prices have long been a thorn in the side of the American people, thanks to the unscrupulous, and frankly predatory behavior of the “Big Pharma” lobby.

These are the folks that sell you heroine under the brand name Vicodin, get you hooked, and then jack up the prices.  They’re also the folks that are keeping marijuana prohibition alive at the federal level, because it’s really hard to patent a plant and profit.

Given Trump’s recently relaxed stance on the wealth-multiplying world of legal weed, perhaps he gave Pfizer a brief preview of their future should they refuse to comply.


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