Trump Represents the Rise of Flyover Country

A book by Reagan’s budget director explains what Trump represents: a response to a failing policy.

This clip of Joe Scarborough arguing about what Trump represents is fascinating. [CLICK HERE IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE VIDEO]

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I haven’t read his book yet, but I look forward to doing so.

Some important points Stockman made in explaining what Trump represents.

  1. Donald Trump is far better that Hillary.
  2. Donald Trump is more likely than Hillary Clinton to take on Wall Street.
  3. Donald Trump has correctly identified the Federal Reserve as a source of economic damage to main street America.
  4. Hillary Clinton is a war monger.

Mish transcribes this quote from the video:

I start with an indictment of the status quo. I start with an indictment of Hilllary’s 30-year old bag of deplorables.  I am talking about ideas, policies, not her supporters. She has been a warmonger for the last 30 years….

My book lays out very clearly that Trump doesn’t have a program, that half of his ideas are wrong, that Social Security has to be addressed.

On the other hand the heart of the problem is the Federal Reserve. It’s destroying capitalism. It’s turned Wall Street into a casino.

You may think that less than half of Trump’s ideas are wrong. But I think it is significant that even someone who has real disagreements with Trump still hopes that he beats Hillary. This is important because it shows how insane the #NeverTrump movement is. What one thinks of Trump should be related to what the realistic alternative is. Donald Trump could be much worse and still be preferable to Hillary.

Furthermore, Donald Trump represents a condemnation of a generation-long (or longer) status quo. Even if he has some things wrong, he presents an opportunity to liberate the middle class from a host of bad policies. We have a better chance of improving from a Trump presidency than surviving a Clinton presidency.

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