Donald Trump

Trump Receives Unnecessary Medical Advice From Holistic Quack


In yet another instance of the media attempting to delegitimize the President, one of the nation’s most prolific snake oil salesmen has quite the yarn to spin regarding our Commander in Chief.

We’ve heard the mainstream media repeat phrases such as “alternative facts”, “alt right”, and “fake news” from the moment Donald Trump began transitioning into his new role in the White House.  These are the terms they’ve adopted in order to make the Presidency of Trump seem unreal, or possibly illegitimate.

Now, a self-titled guru in the alternative medicine world has decided to diagnose the President, since the left has thoroughly convinced him that something is wrong.

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“Alternative medicine promotor Deepak Chopra is the latest medical professional to suggest we do. In a series of tweets late Monday – the day FBI director James Comey shot down the president’s unfounded but continuing claims about wiretapping at Trump Tower  – Chopra asked Trump to ‘please submit to a psychiatric and neurological evaluation to restore our confidence.’

“Chopra, who trained as an endocrinologist (a hormone specialist), not a psychiatrist or neurologist, also suggested that a form of dementia, a brain disease that affects behavior and thinking, should ‘be ruled in or ruled out,’ ‘for the safety of the world.’

“For the record, Trump’s longtime personal physician Harold Bornstein recently told the health news site Stat that while Trump carries some extra pounds, “there’s nothing seriously wrong with him.” In two letters issued during the campaign, Bornstein also said Trump, 70, was in fine physical health. Bornstein also told The New York Times he probably would not screen Trump for dementia if he became White House physician (so far, he has not).

“That has not stopped speculation, especially about Trump’s mental health. Such speculation, at least by psychiatrists, has been officially discouraged by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Earlier this month, the group updated its longstanding ethics policy against opining on the mental health of politicians or other public figures. The policy is called the Goldwater Rule, after 1964 presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, and was created after many psychiatrists participated in a magazine survey about Goldwater’s mental fitness.”

Once again, the left is simply running out of ways to stymy the republican President, turning now to phony health concerns and absolute hear-say.  Chopra, who has no place speaking on mental health, has outed himself as just another parrot being fed by the sore loser democrats.


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