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Trump Receives Hero’s Welcome in Poland, MAGA Hats and Flags Galore!

As Donald Trump touched down in Warsaw, Poland ahead of a busy international week of meetings and summits, the President was hailed as a hero by thousands of Poles who lined the streets to catch a glimpse of him.

Poland has been struggling to maintain their own identity recently, as the Germany-centric European Union continues to impose their globalist whims on the continent as a whole.  Poland is one of a handful of nations who adamantly opposes the EU’s mandated quota of middle eastern refugees to be resettled within their borders, thanks in part to their strong national identity.  It is this attitude that has the Poles so well aligned with Donald Trump, by all means a President of the people in America, who shares a very similar sentiment on sovereignty.

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To make matters even more impressive, a great many Polish citizens who lined the motorcade route hoping to catch a glimpse of Trump were seen sporting the iconic “Make America Great Again” baseball caps and waving Trump campaign flags.

“Less than four minutes after appearing at the forward door of Air Force One, the Trumps were being chauffeured by Secret Service drivers off the airport grounds.

“Polish TV networks lined the motorcade route with cameras, careful to catch every bump and turn-signal on a live national broadcast.

“On Thursday the nation of Frederick Chopin, Nicolaus Copernicus and Pope John Paul II hopes to make a bigger splash.

“Mróz, the legislator, sent two busloads of Trump supporters on a 300 mile trek to Warsaw to see Trump speak in Krasinski Square, where a monument stands to a 1944 popular uprising against German occupation.”

Demand to see the U.S. President was so high that Poland was offering to bus in citizens to the motorcade route.

The murky past between Germany and Poland may have quite a bit of influence on Poland’s obsession with Trump.

The atrocities of World War II affected the Polish people in a way that no other nations of the world can truly understand.  The greatest evils of all mankind were committed on Polish soil, by German people; a fact that still resonates today with the Poles.  Donald Trump’s willingness to buck the standards set forth by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the EU is seen throughout Poland as a heroic and righteous maneuver.

Also, given Poland’s immense opposition to the influx of middle eastern refugees into Europe, President Trump’s own American travel ban puts him squarely inline with Polish values.

Trump’s European trip will continue into Germany this week, as the President prepares to attend the G20 summit.  In a separate meeting, Trump will also have his first face-to-face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin – a rendezvous that will certainly have the entire world aflutter.

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