Does Trump Really Like Chuck Schumer Over GOP Leaders?

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When it was first reported Trump prefers to work with Schumer over GOP leadership, it sent shock waves through conservative circles.

Oh no! Oh no! Trump is going to cave! He’s going to do whatever Chuck Schumer wants to!  Hey guys, guess who Trump at one point said he was a friend to and admired in the past? That would be Hillary Rohdam Clinton.  Last time I checked, Trump didn’t just defeat Hillary Clinton.

He defeated her….then…..he went to work on her.  The last time a Republican eviscerated a Democrat this big was Reagan by the way. So why exactly did Trump allude to by giving the impression that he gets along better with Schumer then the GOP leadership.

Schumer is a wolf but GOP leaders like Ryan and McConnell are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I can’t speak for Trump. I can speak for what’s in front of my very eyes, though. Jesus once said, you are either hot or cold. If you are lukewarm I will spit you out of my mouth.  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell the same feckless GOP leaders  who trashed Trump even after getting the nomination.  When times get tough and the heat is on, do you really think they are going to have Trump’s back? They will back-stab him over and over again. You can’t trust these two fools.  At least you can see Chuck Schumer coming. You know exactly where Chuck Schumer stands. Schumer has made it crystal clear that he is a hard core liberal and will not work with Trump.

Trump’s statement on getting along with Schumer is hurting Schumer more then it’s hurting Trump.

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What do you notice about the interview Schumer had with Dana Bash of CNN? Chuck Schumer immediately brushes off Trump’s comments about Trump getting along with him. Schumer’s tone is double down and don’t give Trump anything unless he goes full liberal.

Schumer’s tone tells me that Trump’s compliment to Schumer is making the Democrat Socialist Communist base go nuts.

They have already created Trump as the devil incarnate.  Obama has so radicalized the Democratic party that they think Schumer is moving to the middle and warming up to Trump.  Here’s another thing, and I’ve made this point before.  Trump is not George W. Bush.  “W” would sit there and take the arrows aimed at him by Democrats.  He would view that as a badge of honor.  George W Bush would obediently do exactly what Karl Rove would tell him to do.  Trump is not going to take this sitting down.  That! I can tell you!

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