Trump and Putin Make YUGE Deal on Fighting ISIS, Terrorists Terrified!

President Donald Trump is a businessman, through and through, and his undying work to negotiate a better life for Americans transcends D.C.’s political tomfoolery.

For well over a year, the radical left has been attempting to smear the Commander in Chief with a bizarre conspiracy theory that alleges the President is a Kremlin operative who took over the White House after Russian government entities rigged the U.S. election.

It sounds like bovine manure because it is bovine manure.

That hasn’t stopped the left from continually looking upon every action of the President as some piece of this bizarre and imaginary puzzle.  In reality, however, Donald Trump’s interactions with the Russian government have been with the interests of the American people and their safety at the forefront.

“President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a joint statement on Saturday vowing to continue the fight against ISIS in Syria until the militants are completely defeated, Reuters reported, citing the Kremlin.

“The statement was released after the two leaders chatted briefly during the APEC summit in Danang, Vietnam, Reuters reported, citing the Kremlin.

“The statement reportedly said both Washington and Moscow agree that there is no military solution to the conflict and both countries expressed a commitment to Damascus’ sovereignty.

“The two leaders chatted on Saturday while they walked to a ‘family photograph’ at the summit and donned matching silk button-down shirts the day before, holding true to the tradition of wearing local attire at annual display of cooperation among world leaders.”

Given Russia’s ongoing work in the region, and some of their recent success in battling the radical Islamic jihadists, an interjection of U.S. military might and manpower will likely spell the end for ISIS sooner rather than later.

During Trump’s campaign, the soon to be President repeatedly promised the American people that he would form strategic alliances in the war on terror, specifically mentioning Russia’s involvement in Syria and other locales in the Middle East as a boon to the conflict.  Now, in a joint effort, the two most powerful militaries in the world have sent an extremely strong and serious message to the dwindling terrorists:  There is no escape whatsoever.

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