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Trump is Playing 4D Chess with Endorsement of Wiley Willard in Utah

While it may seem as though we are just now settling into the results of the 2016 presidential election, thanks to the incessant “resistance”, America is already in the grips of 2018 and 2020 fever.

Part of the reason that elections are so often an addicting spectacle to behold is similar to the idea of trying a new cigar or scotch:  Perhaps the next bottle to be opened or stogie lit will be the one that becomes forever enshrined in your life.

With politicians, the stakes are much higher, but the impulses are still the same.  Every two and four years, Americans begin to search for the right person for the job.  Perhaps, if they’re lucky, they’ll choose the man or woman who makes an impact in their lives in a way that no one else ever could, and that’s what keeps us coming back.

That, and the nonstop, wall-to-wall, conflict-based, partisan hackery of the liberal media that is literally styled after an action movie in hopes of keeping you hooked.

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Now, with 2018’s midterms looming, the biggest story of the contest so far is the announcement that Willard “Mitt” Romney will be running for a Senate seat in Utah.

Romney was famously “anti-Trump” during the 2016 election, which made the latest announcement from the Trump administration perplexing, at least on the surface.

“President Donald Trump announced his endorsement of Mitt Romney as the former Massachusetts governor makes another run for political office in Utah.

“’Mitt Romney has announced he is running for the Senate from the wonderful State of Utah,’ Trump wrote on Twitter. ‘He will make a great Senator and worthy successor to Orrin Hatch, and has my full support and endorsement!’

“Romney immediately thanked the president on Twitter for his endorsement.”

With these two playing nice, all of a sudden, some have wondered if this is a case of The Donald falling for the trickery of The Swamp.

Simply put:  No.

Trump surely realizes that the power of his endorsement is the only way in which Willard can win Utah without spending a fortune.  We must remember that Mitt Romney’s most recent political contests have not gone well, by any stretch of the imagination.

The “Trump Bump” will no doubt have Romney over the edge when it comes to Utah’s Senate seat, but why did the staunchly stubborn president flip for a previous nemesis?  It’s an investment.

Romney’s shot at the Senate have never been better, thanks to Trump’s endorsement.  That means, when Mitt presumably takes the stage in Washington D.C. after the 2018 election, Trump should have himself a powerful ally in the Senate, should Romney be the tactful and reciprocal politician that he claims to be.

It could very well be that the President is weaponizing his own rare humility in order to win over Romney and guarantee votes in the senate for the Trump Agenda.  This is what many would call the art of the deal.

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