White House Press Correspondents Dinner

Trump PA Rally OBLITERATES Mainstream Media’s White House Night

The White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner, or “Nerd Prom”, came and went once again this year, as the free press rolled their eyes and sighed – as per the usual.

The gathering, which this year was challenged by a similarly-timed rally in Pennsylvania by the President, is really nothing more than a liberal, mainstream media cacophony of circular logic, conservative bashing, and jokes written by entertainers who have worked for The Daily Show.  It is truly as liberal as it gets, and has been for decades.

When President Donald Trump declined his invite to the event, many in the media propagated the absurd idea that it was because the President couldn’t handle the criticisms that were going to be hurled in his direction by the leftist media.  While we know this isn’t true, thanks to Trump’s appearances at other WHPC dinners and Comedy Central Roasts, the truth was much more indicative of the nature of this Commander in Chief:  Trump would rather have been out there, with the American people, reiterating his message and vision for the nation.

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In fact, the attendance at Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania was astounding, as evidenced by the video below:

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President Trump, even as nominee Trump and candidate Trump, has been able to create a buzz around his policies like no other conservative candidate in recent history.  His loyal supporters, many donning the iconic red and white Make America Great Again caps, waited hours to catch a glimpse of the man they believe can return the United States to its former glory, undoing 8 years of failed policies by the Obama administration.

Furthermore, the White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner has become extremely blasé and irrelevant in recent years.  Hosts have been a bevy of 2nd string news-entertainment personalities who have always fallen far to the left of the American voter base, pandering to their normal television audience.  This year’s event, however, had the added annoyance of these “news” folks rallying against the President’s assertions that they are “fake news”.  This bizarre crusade against the word of the President gave the even an air of desperation, as the liberal media continues their futile attempts to maintain position in an increasingly conservative world.


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