Trump Not Spooked By Comey, Ready To Testify Himself ‘100 Percent’

Taken at the 09/14 Donald Trump rally at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

During yesterday’s highly anticipated testimony by former FBI Director James Comey, we learned quite a bit about the bungling bureau boss.

First and foremost, we discovered that there was not a single shred of evidence within his clutches that would have found Donald Trump guilty of colluding with the Russian government in order to steal the 2016 presidential election.  This was a foregone conclusion for those who aren’t already indoctrinated by the mainstream media, however, hearing it echoing so loudly in the halls of Capitol Hill was a fine bit of resolution to the rest of us.

Another tidbit that was revealed to us yesterday was that Mr. Comey himself had leaked information from within the FBI to an outside source, a “friend”, who then found a way to widely disseminate the information.  That puts James Comey in elite company with such reprehensible Americans as Benedict Arnold and Reality Winner.

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President Trump, who the left believed would be tried and executed moments after James Comey appeared before the congressional committee, were sorely disappointed by this much more predictable outcome.  Trump, of course, was unfazed but for minor annoyances with Comey’s story.  When asked if he would also be willing to sit before congress and get grilled, the Commander in Chief has an immediate and stern response.

“President Trump said in no uncertain terms on Friday that he will testify under oath that he did not ask James Comey to back off of the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn or that he asked the former FBI director to pledge an oath of loyalty.

“’He said those things under oath, would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of that?’ a reporter asked Trump, referring to testimony that Comey gave on Thursday.

“’100 percent,’ Trump said without hesitation.

“’I hardly know the man, I’m not going to say “I want you to pledge allegiance.” Who would do that?’ Trump added.

“Asked if he would speak to special counsel Robert Mueller about his interactions with Comey, Trump said that he would ‘be glad to tell him what I just told you.’”

For all of their posturing and pontificating, the democrats certainly felt a sting by the end of former director Comey’s testimony.  Their hopes of a slam-dunk, “Trump did it” moment was once again quashed by cold, hard facts.

Given the publicity behind the hearings, it may prove difficult for the left to even employ their regular “fake news” tactics to spin this one their way.


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