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Trump Did NOT Push Seth Rich Story to Fox, Despite “Resistance” Insistence

Somehow, the mainstream media is attempting to blame President Trump for their own incompetence on the Seth Rich murder mystery.

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump faced off against democrat Hillary Clinton; a career criminal with a tainted political history and a closet full of skeletons the size of Arkansas.  The democrats understood that they were doomed from the get-go, with Americans overwhelmingly turning conservative after 8 years’ worth of failed Obama policies and national security nightmares.  This spurred a frantic desperation in the party that led to the complete evisceration of the party’s already-weak ethics.

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The DNC was also under assault by supporters from Clinton’s opponent, democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, who was able to capture the imagination of the DNC’s millennial supporters.  Clinton herself stood no chance against this inner-party revolution, and quickly reverted to her criminality in order to secure the nomination.  This information became public during the election after Wikileaks released emails gleaned from someone on the inside.  That someone was believed to be DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Rich, like many who deposed Clinton before him, was soon found dead – the apparent victim of a “botched robbery” in which his phone, wallet, and watch were not taken.

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It didn’t take long for many in the American punditry to begin personally questioning the official story of Rich’s death, given the suspicious circumstances and Hillary’s enormous list of mysteriously dead enemies.  Oddly enough, however, this major story was relegated to the shadows of the free press, with very few mainstream outlets appearing willing to touch it.

Fox News, however, did print one article that linked Seth Rich’s murder to the widely held theory regarding the Wikileaks disclosures.  That story was quickly retracted by the organization, after pressure of some sort came from somewhere…possibly from Rich’s family, possibly from somewhere else entirely.

This week, the leftist media attempted to pathetically accuse Donald Trump himself of planting that story with Fox News to discredit his electoral opponent.  This ludicrous assumption was tackled head-on by Sarah Huckabee Sanders today, nearly 9 months after the election.

“White House press secretary Sarah Sanders denied Tuesday that President Trump reviewed before publication a retracted Fox News article linking the Seth Rich murder to leaked Democratic Party emails.

“‘The president had no knowledge of the story and it is completely untrue,’ Sanders said during the daily press briefing.
“The claim was made in a lawsuit filed Tuesday by Rod Wheeler, a former police officer whose freelance investigation into the unsolved murder was central to the May 16 article.

“The lawsuit alleges that investor Ed Butowsky sent Wheeler a text message two days before the article was published, saying Trump ‘just read the article’ and ‘wants the article out immediately.’

“Wheeler’s lawsuit alleges he was misquoted twice in the article about the murder of the Democratic National Committee staffer. He claims the article was intended as a distraction from news of the ongoing investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election.”

These unfounded accusations are just another attempt by the left to delegitimize the President.

Once again, liberals are not fighting a war of quality assertions, rather, they using the “spray and pray” method of attacking the President.  By simply launching a barrage of negative news in the general direction of the White House, they are hoping to overwhelm the mainstream media with a multitude of unverifiable gibberish that paints the President in an unfortunate light.  Whichever story sticks will be the one that survives past its original news cycle.

In this case, Sarah H. Sanders shut down the nonsense fairly quickly, but more attacks will be coming, and it will be up to Americans to stay vigilant in the face of mainstream fake news.

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