Trump is Not as Popular as Fox News Says. Here Are The Numbers to Prove It.

Watching political TV and reading political journalism can sometimes skew your perception. People can lead you to believe whatever they want, as long as they tilt the data in just the right direction.

This is what’s happening with Donald Trump and his supporters (on TV, as well as in print). He whines about whatever he believes to be “unfair” at any given moment, and the media–specifically FOX–covers it in a manner that will appease the maniacal mogul.

Speaking with Neil Cavuto Monday, Allen West said that it’s “deceitful” to say Donald Trump hasn’t won 50 percent of the vote. His reason? “[Trump] was, at the beginning, in a field of contestants that was anywhere from thirteen to fourteen candidates other than himself.”

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Then Cavuto literally replied:

“You’re absolutely right. You’re absolutely right.”


Trump hasn’t won 50 percent of the vote. That’s simply a fact. His running average over the course of the first 34 states (plus D.C.) to vote in primaries or caucuses is 34.8 percent. This means that a full 65.2 percent of Republican voters said no to Trump. That’s two thirds. Don’t trust me though. Google the numbers, crunch them as I did, and see for yourself.

Of the approximately 22.93 million Americans who have cast their votes in primaries and caucuses thus far in 2016, 14.98 million have voted for someone other than Donald Trump, while just 7.9 million have voted for Trump.

Of the 14.9 million who didn’t vote Trump, 6.39 million voted for [score]Ted Cruz[/score]. That’s 27.9 percent.

Trump constantly complains about the “rigged” system, yet when state delegate allocation rules give him the advantage, he doesn’t seem to mind. Take Wisconsin, Texas, and New York for example.

In Texas, Wisconsin, and New York, [score]Ted Cruz[/score] garnered a total of 1,896,650 votes. In those same states, Donald Trump received 1,668,920 votes. Cruz got 140 delegates, while Trump got 143. Trump collected three more delegates, even though Cruz amassed 227,730 more votes. I don’t hear Trump complaining about how “unfair” that is.

For comparison, 227,730 is more votes than were cast in ten individual states. Fewer people voted in Vermont, Idaho, Alaska, Maine, Kansas, Iowa, Hawaii, Nevada, Minnesota, and Utah. Kentucky just barely edges out that number as 229,667 Republicans voted in that state. This is to say that the delegate allocation rules as dictated by the states are not always what many would consider “fair.” However, they are what they are.

For Trump, as well as his media mistresses (Sean Hannity being the Madam) to suggest that the election is essentially over, and that Trump should be coronated, is ludicrous. Currently, it’s 34.8 percent Trump to 27.9 percent Cruz, on average. Moreover, there’s another 8.6 million voters (37.3 percent) who also didn’t want Trump–and five of the candidates who dropped out have now endorsed [score]Ted Cruz[/score].

To say that America has spoken, and that they want Trump is, without question, factually incorrect.

The Trump-loving media is trying to sell you manure inside a beautifully decorated box. Don’t buy it.

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