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Trump Not “Polished” like Obama, but His Words have “Meaning”

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This morning conservative pundit Mark Steyn may have delivered the most compelling and accurate accounting of what we’ve witness in the first 80 or so days of the Trump era.

In an appearance on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Steyn spoke to the Trump administration’s response to Syria’s chemical attack on their own people.

Steyn first praised President Trump for being a “real” agent of change, as opposed to the empty suit that previously held the office of President.

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“How Syria shakes out in three, five years time, we can’t know. and we should be cautious about that after what’s happened in Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. But simply as a response to a provocation, I mean, basically, Assad said, ‘The world hasn’t changed. For the last eight years I’ve been able to kill my own people and get away with it.’ They put dead babies on the world’s TV screens and Trump said enough of this. And that’s a change. That’s a real Russian reset button. That’s a real reset button upon the world.”

Steyn also argued that while President Obama’s word was worthless, when President Trump speaks “his words have meaning.”

“It shows you he responds to things. He’s very nimble and able to respond to things. The disgusting aspect of the last eight years is that Obama mistook the sidelines for the moral high ground. So he would use all this lofty rhetoric about red lines and he would stand there would be people killing each other, slaughtering each other, dead babies and he’d stand there with his hand on his hip giving a speech. And he stripped words of their meaning. And Trump isn’t as articulate. He isn’t as polished but his words have meaning. And to do that while is he having dinner with the Chinese. You said did he tell him over the salad bowl, as I understand it, he told him over the creme brûlée or the tiramisu. How cool is that to actually make the Chinese politburo sit through a night of American targeted bombing?”

Steyn also mentioned that President Trump has put the world “on notice.”

“I think they understand this is really — last night was inauguration day. That America is back in the world. Now, not ineffectively. What we have to be careful about here is whether the tactical ruthlessness of last night is matched with strategic clarity which hasn’t been the case in Afghanistan and Iran. But accepting that Trump doesn’t want to get mired in pointless civil wars. I think this keeps America’s enemies on its toes and figure out what it is they have to do next.”


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