Trump is Not Your Grand Daddy’s Republican President

Trump is no George W Bush.

I look at the last two Bush administrations. They really never struck back against the Democrats or the media. The George W Bush years were plagued with pandering to the media and Democrats. George W Bush would endlessly get trounced by the media. Bush pandered to Democrats and gave away so much power to them. George W Bush was controlled by Karl Rove and his annoying triangulation and capitulation.  No wonder we got Barack Obama. Bush’s presidency delivered the Obama years on a silver platter.

We now have a president who has a proven battle plan to keep the Democrats and the media on defense.

Trump is making the hard left look like the true feckless fools they really are. George W Bush would spend most of his time trying to appease the left and make deals with the left. Ted Kennedy’s education bill and Medicare part D are good examples of what the Karl Rove compromise gets you.  It’s gets you a whole lot of government that nobody wants. Bush would never push back from the media and the democrat party. He let the marxist media define him and his presidency. Right out of the gate, Trump took media heads to Trump tower to take them to the woodshed by raking them over the coals.  Who does this? A president who’s going to flatten the media and get his message out to the people.  The last person who was able to go over the heads of the media straight to the people was Reagan, and Trump is even better at it.

Trump has assembled an army to go on offense to get his message out.

He has done what no other Republican President has ever assembled. This will steamroll the Democrats and the media and pave the way to Make America Great Again.

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Senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said in an interview Monday that she is considering leading a group being formed that will provide “a surround-sound super structure” to bolster the new administration’s political and policy goals.

The entity, whose legal structure has not yet been determined, will serve as the outside hub to support President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda. Discussions about the formation of the group have been underway for several weeks.

 People familiar with the planning said that some helping organize the as-yet unnamed group have a working motto: “Unleash the Potential,” a moniker to describe the quick start they are expecting of Trump administration and the Republican-led Congress in the first part of 2017. The new president and GOP leaders are preparing to enact sweeping changes to the nation’s tax, immigration and health-care policies.

Trump relishes destroying the media while George W Bush feared the media and tried to dance with them.

In the Karl Rove controlled Bush White House, conservatives were silenced just like they are today. They wouldn’t listen to the anger of the people and the frustration of the sinister media. George W Bush would never punch back. He let the Democrats and Media control the narrative and allow them to lie about him. Trump goes on offense and stays on offense. He views the Marxist media as the enemies of freedom and the opposition of Liberty. Trump is not your Grandpa’s Republican President. He’s the cutthroat change maker who plans on breaking things apart in order to Make America Great Again.

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