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Trump’s No-Holds-Barred Strategy Is What the GOP Needs to Beat Hillary in November

There is great consternation revolving around the Trump presidential candidacy. Republicans wring their hands about his tone, and the way he speaks is considered “offensive”. But, does Trump have a choice? Does any Republican presidential candidate have a choice?

The normal cycle of a Presidential election goes something like this. The Republicans seek out a conscientious, moral, upstanding candidate. The media, the late night talk shows, and the daytime gaggle of liberal goons then set about destroying the upstanding Republican candidate with the most offensive remarks and a scorched earth character assassination. Meanwhile, the Democrat candidate takes the high road and refuses to engage in such crass behavior… because they don’t have to. Then, the unscathed and unchallenged Democrat cruises to victory.

Mitt Romney and John McCain are two of the finest people you will ever find. But after being run through the liberal media meat grinder, they were painted as horrible buffoons, not worthy of the position of dog catcher much less President of the United States. Meanwhile, Obama was painted as the next coming of Jesus Christ himself. Commentators had a “thrill up their leg” when he spoke, and children in school sang songs in his honor as he ran for President. Romney, on the other hand, was scolded and ridiculed for having a dog carrier on the outside of his vehicle.

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So, now we have Donald Trump. He is not only the Republican candidate; he is the late night talk show host who knows how to use ridicule. He is the media that will tear down the opposition with a scorched earth war. He has to be, since there is no media that will tear down the Democrat nominee for him. Unfortunately, Trump represents the only kind of Republican that can win a Presidential election in today’s media. He’s a street fighter and he knows how to use the media instead of them using him.

Imagine if any other Republican candidate had won the nomination this year. Imagine if Bush, Rubio, Kasich, Carson or Cruz had won? The media destruction and ridicule would have been swift and devastating, and the first female President would have waltzed into the White House unscathed, because she is a favored Democrat. If ever a candidate was ripe for ridicule by late night talk show hosts and the gaggle of daytime destruction, it’s Hillary Clinton. Yet, she would run for office without so much as funny skit.

Wash, rinse, repeat; and we have our next Democratic President.

But it has all changed now. Donald Trump will run against Hillary. And, although he is running for President, he will also represent the non-existent Republican media that will ridicule Clinton, and run a scorched earth campaign that has been exclusively reserved for Republican candidates before now. Clinton will be the first Democrat presidential candidate to face the harsh reality of a media and character onslaught.   Clinton will try to stay above the fray. But, this time, instead of being an innocent bystander who benefits from the destruction of the Republican candidate by the media, she will be a target as well.

Only time will tell if Trump can run for President and at the same time run a scorched earth campaign against Clinton — and win.   And the whole world will cringe and decry the outlandish behavior of a man who wants to be President.   But, he may also show the only path to Presidential victory for a Republican in the toxic environment of the liberal media.

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