#NeverTrump Zealots Are Being Babies About Trump Taking Donations to Fight Hillary

#NeverTrump zealots think it is a scandal that Donald Trump needs donations for his campaign. They’re being babies.

Notice that, in this BBC video, the fact that Donald Trump needs donations is explained rationally, and without mockery or rancor. It also shows that much of his support has come from very small donations.

Contrast this, from a liberal new source, to the way Jonah Goldberg uses it to attack:

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The real estate mogul says he’s worth “in excess” of $10 billion. I think he’s lying, as does pretty much every expert and financial journalist who has looked into the question. Forbes has put his net worth at $4.5 billion. Bloomberg says it’s below $3 billion. Billionaire Mark Cuban has cast doubt on whether Trump is even a billionaire at all.

I’ve read the analyses, but common sense always told me he was full of it. Actual multi-billionaires tend not to waste their time recording videos hawking steaks in the Sharper Image catalog. They don’t bother with snake oil schemes peddling dietary supplements. They don’t claim under oath that much of their net worth depends on how good a mood they’re in. And they don’t threaten to sue anyone who suggests they aren’t as rich as they claim.

Goldberg goes on to attack Trump for not getting millions of dollars from lobbyists. We don’t want a president who has made promises to the wealthy in order to get into office. That is Hillary Clinton’s method for getting money from Wall Street and elsewhere. It is not Trump’s.

In my opinion Donald Trump may not be telling the truth about his wealth. If that disqualifies him in your mind, I think you have strange priorities. The alternative is Hillary Clinton, remember?

Trump is undoubtedly very wealthy but I don’t know how wealthy.

Is he not wealthy enough to self-fund? If Trump doesn’t plan to use the presidency to make himself rich, then he may not want to liquidate assets or jeopardize them in order to attempt to be president. That is understandable. He probably hopes to pass on a legacy to his children and, while the Presidency might be “worth it” to him, what if he loses? It is possible. Then he will have lost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Furthermore, with President Hillary gunning for him and few Republican friends, he is going to be vulnerable. It would be nothing for a Federal agency to find an excuse to target him. He has to have considered this. I wouldn’t want to be poor and a target of a Clinton Administration.

If Trump is not as wealthy as he says, however, it kind of destroys Barack Obama’s response to him:


President Obama wants us to believe Donald Trump embodies the establishment and can’t represent the working class. But that’s not credible. It seems more likely that Trump has hustled for a living and made money from the establishment, since they are more likely to deal in expensive real estate. Now he feels he’s in a position to oppose them.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is also quite wealthy as a result of using her political power. Goldberg should be angrier about that than the fact that Trump needs donations.

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