Trump MidEast Trip Earning Rave Reviews, Media Surprised

Even when the mainstream media is being forced to praise President Donald Trump they find a way to do it in a “backhanded” manner. The latest example of the disrespect has come during the early (and seemingly very successful) part of the President’s trip to the Middle East.

The President arrived in Saudi Arabia to much “pomp and circumstance” and was warmly greeted, not just by the Saudi royal family, but by almost every delegation in attendance at the historic peace conference.

During the first day of meetings even Egypt’s strongman leader said that President Trump was “a unique personality that is capable of doing the impossible.”

Even more amazing, the positive news continued to pour out of the conference even after the President took a “hard line” against radical Islamic terrorism during his Sunday speech.

In his speech the President argued that it was incumbent on every Muslim nation to take a hard stand against terrorism and persecution of religious minorities and women. He also urged these Middle Eastern nations to welcome in the refugees of the terrible wars in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen because the West could no longer support the mass migration… but also because the Middle East should be a place where people flock to find new prosperity, not a place from which they flee. In fact, that was the magic of the President’s Sunday speech. Every difficult truth was balanced by optimism, hope, and a promise that the United States would always be a ready and willing partner in the cause of our “shared values.” It truly was a fantastic message of friendship.

Sadly, even as the mainstream world media reported on the President’s successes they sounded surprised and incredulous about the camaraderie and warmth they were seeing on all sides.

In fact, Trump’s trip has been such a tremendous success already that even Trump’s loudest critic, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was forced to admit that the trip had thus far been “Excellent,” “Successful,” and “Important.” 🇺🇸

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