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Trump Means BUSINESS, Tweets New Directive for Obama Investigation!

After nearly a year and a half in office, President Donald Trump seems to clearly be hitting his stride as Commander in Chief.  Now, that confidence could land Barack Obama’s cretinous cronies in the clink.

Trump was certainly an embattled candidate for President in 2016, being forced to battle not only an enormous field of republican challengers, but also Hillary Clinton and her gang of Obama’s top people, given that the former First Lady represented nothing more than a third term for number 44.  Her status as heir-apparent to the liberal White House throne perhaps clouded her vision to the point in which her crooked dealings obscured her chances at ever sitting in the Oval Office.

Now, as the nation continues to come to grips with the corruption of the Obama administration and its closest allies, We The People have been bludgeoned with the shocking news that, during that fateful election in 2016, the 44th President of the United States likely abused the FBI in order to spy on the man who would become the 45th President…a breach of national trust so egregious that it could foment a revolution.

Donald Trump isn’t shying away from the conflict either, directly tweeting his intent to hold Obama’s lackeys accountable for their wrongdoing.

And, right on cue, the left begins to panic.

Americans quickly saw right through Brennan.

And, as if the President’s actions couldn’t be any more bold, all of this kerfuffle came to pass as he was preparing to travel to Langley, Virginia for Gina Haspel’s swearing-in as CIA Director.  POTUS then waltzed into said nest to make official the appointment of Haspel, who was backed by John Brennan as well.

You can almost hear the clanking of the President’s cojones all the way down here in Atlanta.


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