Colin Kaepernick

Trump May Be Headed to Court…But Not Because Bobby Mueller Said So!

If you are brave enough to take a peek over on the left side of the internet, what you’re likely to find could shake you to the core.

There is a frenzy occurring deep in the bowels of the democratic party, with a school of millennial minnows mimicking the feeding frenzy of a pack of tiger sharks, believing that soon they’ll be feasting on the flesh of a deposed Donald Trump.

Of course, this is pure fantasy.  The left’s most viable attempt at “getting” Trump is through Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s incredibly misguided #RussiaGate investigation – an ongoing probe that has twice been refuted by more efficient investigators in Congress who have doubly declared “no collusion!”.  The left doesn’t seem to care much, however, and are doing very little to prepare themselves for the inevitable anti-climax that is coming.

Given how poorly they handled the loss of Hillary Clinton back in 2016, I’d imagine this next temper tantrum will be equally as hilarious to witness.

Liberals shouting
I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t get to use my favorite photograph this week.
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But that doesn’t mean that progressives aren’t going to stop going after the President…not by a long shot.  In fact, one race-baiting liberal lunatic is actually trying to take Trump to court as we speak:

Colin Kaepernick.

Colin Kaepernick’s lawyers will attempt to subpoena President Trump as part of the former quarterback’s collusion case against the NFL.

That report comes from sources to Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson, who says the Mark Geragos-led legal team “is expected to seek federal subpoenas in the coming weeks to compel testimonyfrom [President Donald] Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and other officials familiar with the president’s agenda on protesting NFL players.”

The purpose of a Trump subpoena, would be to show that the president both improperly influenced owners in their decision to not sign Kaepernick. As Breitbart Sports reported weeks ago, the desire to involve Trump has been at the forefront of Geragos’ legal strategy for some time.

In an appearance on the podcast Straight Aim with Amy Dash, Kaepernick’s lead attorney Mark Geragos said that his case hinges on the president’s influence over NFL leadership.

If successful, this could be the first time in U.S. history that a sitting President was subpoenaed by an unemployed second-string NFL quarterback….Another “first” for the Trump administration.

Kaepernick is, of course, famous for being the catalyst of the offensive and misguided National Anthem protests in the NFL, which spread like wildfire over the last two seasons thanks to ESPN’s sudden decision to take a liberal political stance on their programming.

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