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Trump Makes Tweet Regarding “Deep State”…Is Disclosure Coming?

President Donald Trump’s unconventional politics are in full view this week, as the Commander in Chief lends credence to the pervasive theory that the world is out to get him.

Once can very easily understand where Donald Trump’s paranoia comes from:  He is a man, elected President, who waltzed into Washington with the sole, stated purpose of “draining the swamp”, and tearing down every last vestige of the corrupt cabal lurking within.  Now, over a year following the election itself, Trump is still battling with a number of those demons, who go by many different names.

RINO republicans were once the scourge that we feared, followed shortly by the “establishment”.  These D.C. denizens have long been working to bolster their vast fortunes at the expense of the American taxpayers, ignoring their constituents’ needs and desires any time a fat cat special interest snake entered the room.

In our modern politic era, however, we find ourselves fighting another shadowy entity known as the “Deep State” – a loosely defined subset of high level politicians who “secretly” organize all major goings-on in the nation’s capital.  Not quite the “Illuminati” or the “new world order”, the Deep State ethos is embodied by the Clintons and Bushes; political dynasties who seem united in their quest for wealth while playing the “divide and conquer” game that much of American politics is based around.

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Like their more fabled brethren, the Deep State is still very much a fringe idea, relegated to the realm of conspiracy theorists.

Or is it?

The President himself used the phrase just this week in order to signal to the political underworld that he is hip to their game.

“President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening called for a closer look into a former intelligence committee watchdog’s claims to Fox News that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had a ‘strategic coordination’ with the State Department to play down the presence of classified information on her private email server.

“‘Charles McCullough, the respected [former] Intel Comm Inspector General, said public was misled on Crooked Hillary Emails,’ Trump tweeted. ‘Emails endangered National Security.’ Why aren’t our deep State authorities looking at this? Rigged & corrupt?’

President Trump has certainly not shied away from controversial subjects in the past, but calling out the Deep State by name seems bold, even for him.

Could this be a nod to the conspiracy theorists of the internet, meant to encourage the “weaponized autism” of Reddit and 4Chan in uncovering even more of D.C.’s deplorable Deep State “resistance”?  Or is the President openly mocking those who stood by and did nothing while Hillary Clinton pillaged her way through her short career as Secretary of State?

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