If Trump Loses is the Country “Over”?

One of Donald Trump’s earliest supporters, pundit and satirist Ann Coulter, recently appeared on Bloomberg Politics’ With All Due Respect, to talk about her new book and the upcoming election. When asked by co-host Nicole Wallace about what would happen if Donald Trump were to lose, Coulter argued that she was pretty sure he would win… but IF he lost, it would mean the end of our nation as we know it.

Nicole Wallace: If Donald Trump loses, whose fault will it be?

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Ann Coulter: I don’t think he’s going to lose…

Ann Coulter: The general advisers in here do not come off well in this book. Donald Trump has got more votes than any other Republican in primary history because he didn’t have those Washington consultants, the pollsters, the think tanks with their idiotic talking points.

Nicole Wallace: But if he loses, whose fault will it be?

Ann Coulter: You’re a lovely girl.

Nicole Wallace: But if he loses whose fault will it be?

Ann Coulter: I don’t know. We don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s a lot of hypotheticals there. If I could phrase this slightly differently which is what I think you may be asking about I don’t know what Washington insiders think they are getting out of their Never Trump group. They’re destroying the Republican party one way or another but if he loses, frankly, I don’t think anything I do, I don’t think anything you guys do can make a difference because the country is over.

(Pertinent part begins around 8:20 into the interview.)

I’m not sure I’m as certain about our demise as Coulter seems to be, but I am very worried about the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidential era. What about you, dear reader? Is Coulter right? If Clinton wins, is America over? Or is this just hyperbole, and while Clinton might bring some more dark days, we’re sure to bounce back just as we always have before? How worried should we be?

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