Trump Likes Obamacare Mandates

For many, the topic of healthcare makes their blood boil. They are still so angry about the way the Affordable Care Act was passed that they cannot rationally think through the issue. And it is those people who will get mad at this article though they have never read this paragraph much less the article. But, the proverbial camel has his nose in the tent, and we will not see him backed out.

Almost from the beginning, the GOP has been preparing Americans for the fact that there is going to be some sort of “heath care for all” system. Romney started the conversation. He wanted to repeal and replace. And now that Obamacare is all but failed, Republicans are talking about what they are going to do to fix the situation.

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One surprise has been Trumps position. That is, it is a surprise to those who think that Trump is a conservative. Trump not only has come out to say that he will establish a healthcare system, but there is one portion of Obamacare that he wishes to keep. The mandate.

Breitbart reports

During Thursday’s CNN Townhall event, when pressed by moderator Anderson Cooper on the “benefits” of the ObamaCare mandate, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said, “Well, I like the mandate.” He then went on to blast ObamaCare as a “disaster” and President Obama as a liar.

He claims that there was no way that the administration and especially Obama did not know that they were lying about keeping your insurance and doctors. But, he thinks that every person should be made to have coverage.

Though there are hints in his comments that he intends to make things more competitive in his system, the most offensive thing will remain. He is still making people, who do not like the product, purchase the product.

This is still a welfare socialist system, so what is the difference?

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