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Trump Lays Out Brilliant Case Proving the Russia Investigation is a Witch Hunt

On Sunday morning President Trump took to Twitter to make a short, but compelling case, that the Russia investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt to stop the GOP from reforming our government and saving the American people from the Democrats terrible policies.

The President said that the anger over the revelations that the Democrats (and Clinton’s campaign) had funded the fake Dossier that got the Russia investigation started was unifying the GOP and the American people.

To make matters worse, the President rightly noted that most Americans are dumbfounded that the media and the Department of Justice seem uninterested in following the money trails from the Democrats back to Russia. There is real, hard evidence that the Democrats worked with Russians to undermined Trump’s campaign for the White House and the media is ignoring it… but they focused hundreds of hours of coverage on the possibility that Trump had colluded with Russia even though no evidence of this happening has ever been produced.

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The Washington Post and other media outlets have no proven that the Democrats paid for the creation of the “Trump Dossier,” and previous reports showed that the FBI used this slanderous dossier (which is filled with false information) to launch an investigation into various members of the Trump team and perhaps even the President himself.

This is a criminal action, and yet… neither the media, nor the intelligence agencies tasked with investigating such matters seem very interested in getting to the bottom of things…

Once again, the facts prove Trump right and the media to be incredibly biased and uncaring about the truth.

Could Trump be right? Could the ongoing Russia investigation be about stonewalling the GOP’s efforts at fixing the mess the Obama administration created?

Could the Democrats, our intelligence agencies, and the corrupt media be working together to stymy Trump’s efforts at reforming Washington, D.C.?

It sure looks like it.


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