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Trump Lawyers Drop Tax Return Bomb That INFURIATES The Lunatic Left

With much of the media still feebly attempting to tie President Donald Trump to some sort of Russian conspiracy, his lawyers have released information that could, should, put an end to the nonsense.

For months, the leftist media’s most egregious storyline has been that Donald Trump somehow benefitted from Russian interference in the 2016 election, and due to this helping hand from the Kremlin, the newly minted republican Commander in Chief will be beholden to every whim of Vladimir Putin and his cronies.

Regardless of numerous instances in which the entire insane theory has been thoroughly debunked, the media complex continues to reinvent their tales of Russian influence, going so far as to partially publish an unverified dossier of unknown origin claiming that Donald Trump was being blackmailed due to his lewd and unsanitary sexual conquests with Muscovite prostitutes.

Then came one of the mainstream’s most ridiculous publicity stunts, in which liberal host Rachel Maddow announced via Twitter that she was in possession of Donald Trump’s long-sought-after tax returns.  Spoiler alert:  She didn’t.  The entire hullabaloo revolved around a measly 2 pages of a 2005 tax document that showed only one thing:  Donald Trump pays a whole lot of taxes.

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Maddox, while milking the first act of her program for the advertisers she is under the thumb of, insisted that there was a “need” to examine more thorough tax documents from Trump, claiming that inside we could find evidence of Russian money – the left’s most popular boogeyman.

Now, President Trump’s lawyers are attempting to put an end to Maddow and other’s speculation once and for all…but they may not have picked the best wording for their charge.

“According to AP, an attorney for Donald Trump said that there is no evidence in any of president Trump’s tax returns over the last ten years of any income from Russian sources – ‘with few exceptions.’

“The caveat ‘few exceptions’ leaves the door open a mile wide for possible money sourcing from Russia contributing to Trump, and does nothing to allay concerns that Trump’s businesses may have profited from possible connections to Russian oligarchs.

“Some examples of Trump’s Russian and Ukrainian connections; roughly 20 years ago, Trump was renegotiating $1.8 billion in junk bonds for his Atlantic City resorts, and Trump Tower owed tons of money to German banks.  When it came to selling the condominiums, as Debra Stotts, a sales agent who sold units in the tower, told Bloomberg, ‘We had big buyers from Russia and Ukraine and Kazakhstan.’ Bloomberg reported, ‘a third of units sold on floors 76 through 83 by 2004 involved people or limited liability companies connected to Russia and neighboring states.’”

The left will likely pounce on this news as proof-positive that Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency was, in fact, tainted by Putin and the like.  What these liberal looky-loo’s are failing to realize is that an internationally successful businessman may have ties to international persons.  It’s an accepted fact that Donald Trump’s many businesses would, and should, accept Rubles from rich Russians.  Once again, this is simply a case of the mainstream media inventing doubt out of thin air.


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