Trump Labeled ‘Literally Hitler’ AGAIN…After Hugging Old Glory

At this point in our history, I’m not sure if there is any hope of brining the liberal democrats back from the edge of insanity on which they are perched.

Many have taken to calling this shift in public perception “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, and point to Nancy Pelosi as one of the prime examples.  The house minority leader has repeatedly gone off the rails during public appearances in order to disparage Donald Trump and the Americans who voted for him.

And, as with all things in the democratic party, the fecal matter tends to roll downhill, trickling into the already angry masses of the millennial voting bloc – the only certain segment of support that the DNC can rely on with any certainty.  This is due to the youth of these voters, and the fact that they themselves have lived under their parents’ entitlement system for a majority of their life.  They’ll come around to the right, but it’s going to take a whole lot of student loan payments that Mommy and Daddy don’t help with to get there.

Thanks to this derangement, the liberal left has been forced to find increasingly offensive ways to get attention for their “resistance” of the President.  One of the most popular is calling President Trump “literally Hitler”…an epithet that the left has overused to the point of absurdity already.

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Now, they’re claiming that Trump is a fascist dictator once again based on his admiration for the American flag.

President Trump hugged the US flag at a rally Tuesday, prompting a barrage of hate from leftists who simply couldn’t stomach such a display of patriotism from the President.

Trump had spoken about the immigration problem, which has come into the spotlight due to the policy of border officials separating children from those who are arrested trying to enter the country illegally.

The moment was caught on video, of course.

Other twits on Twitter likened this odd, yet loving display of patriotism as “‘how Hitler came to power”.

Quick history lesson for you:  Hitler himself designed the Nazi flag, uniforms, and “chic” that came along with it.  The Nazi regime wasn’t pro-Germany, rather, they were pro-Nazism.  Even the Aryan race war schtick was about a biological belief and not a patriotic one.

Stop the Hitler comparisons.  You’re crying wolf more ferociously than the wolf itself can attack, and you’re making a mockery of the millions and millions of people who were killed during the Second World War.

Furthermore, you’re desensitizing us to the idea of “another Hitler”, which means that, when the democrats put one in office, we’ll be too jaded to even realize it.


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